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Effective Brochure Design

by Gordon Petten

If the main goal of the brochure design is to gain new customers it should be sharp and catchy. Make it something that the customer will notice and not want to toss in the garbage. Also give them reasons as to why they want to do business with you. Keep in mind that you are always in competition and that you will want to win the most customers possible. New customers need to know why you are so wonderful and why it is a better financial investment for them to give their money to you.

Alternatively if the main goal of the brochure design is to get customers that have already done business with you to come back then you are going to need to gear your brochure towards them. Snappy catchy pictures are not necessarily needed in this case. Here they already know who you are and will take a moment to see what you have to say. The best approach for the speech of the brochure is to keep it at a friendship level. They know you and have already spent some money with you. The goal here is to keep them spending their money with you. To do this talk to them like they are an old friend. Let them know that their business with you was greatly appreciated and that you would love to see them again.

Never underestimate the use of incentives given in a brochure design. Bargain shoppers are going to come flocking in to new businesses or return to old companies that they had once used all because they have a coupon in their hand. They love a good bargain and if you give them a good bargain they will love you. Also the average not so bargain crazed customer is going to come to you over the competition that doesn't give an incentive. Think in the mind of the shopper. For example if a shopper is likely to save $20 on an incentive that you offered on something through your brochure design then that is $20 more likely that they will spend on other or more products.

Keep these points in mind when creating the perfect brochure design and you too will have an effective brochure that will bring in more business.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Gordon_Petten

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